Lent 2021

The overall theme for the 2021 Lenten sermons is “The Hands of the Passion.” When we consider Jesus and the people around him in his Passion, we can’t help but think of their hands— the hands that beat their breast, accepted money for betrayal, petulantly swung swords, pointed in accusation, beat and disavowed, praised, washed, were pierced, and offered eternal life. In short, we can’t help but think about how we sinners have had the same sinful hands of those who surrounded Jesus in his Passion, and how Jesus our Savior has touched us with his hands of grace.

Out of love and concern for the health and safety of one another as well as to show kindness and consideration for the health and safety of the guest preachers who will be sharing God’s Word with us at St. Luke’s, the church council decided to do the following:

Midweek Lenten Services – Wednesday, February 17th – Wednesday, March 24th

3:30 pm – Masks Recommended      6:30 pm – Mask Required

It was also decided that Lenten suppers would not be served between services this year due to the fact that the church council did not feel that this could be done in a safe manner. It is our hope and prayer that we will be able to resume Lenten suppers next year!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to speak to Pastor Schwartz or any member of the Church Council. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation!

February 17 – Pastor Schwartz

John 13:21-30

Hands of Betrayal (Judas)


February 24 – Pastor Pufahl

John 18:4-11

Hands of Misguided Zeal (Peter)


March 3 – Pastor Odya

Luke 18:9-14

Hands of Repentance (Tax Collector)


March 10 – Pastor Toppe

Matthew 27:27-31

Hands of Brutality (Soldiers)


March 17 – Pastor Haugly
Matthew 27:15-26

Hands of Self-Preservation (Pilate)


March 24 – Pastor Weigand

Mark 14:55-65

Hands of Hypocrisy (Caiaphas)