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St. Luke's Lutheran Church and School exist to provide high level Christian education to future leaders in the community and has been teaching God's Word since 1975

What is the purpose of PACK?
  • To promote a closer relationship between the home and school.
  • To encourage parent/teacher cooperation and communication in the Christ-centered education of the students of St. Luke's Lutheran School.
  • To ensure the welfare of the children and young adults in the church, home, and community.
Who can join P.A.C.K?
  • All members of St. Luke's Lutheran Church, the school faculty and the parents or guardians of enrolled pupils are considered members.
  • Membership dues are not required, however a free-will offering box will be passed at each meeting.
Yearly P.A.C.K. Meetings
  • 1st week of August (Meeting & School Registration)
  • 1st week of November
  • 1st week of February
  • 1st week of May (Election of Officers)