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St. Luke's Lutheran Church and School exist to provide high level Christian education to future leaders in the community and has been teaching God's Word since 1975


August 24, 2017



     This summer flew by. I would be very surprised if I was the only person who felt that way. It seems as though time moves faster and faster as we get a little older. But it also brings up another very important thought. Our lives on this earth are quite short compared to the eternity that we will spend after our earthly death. This makes it all the more important to prepare our children for life eternal in heaven. As a school or in our families, we certainly want to prepare our young people for this life on earth, but the most important job that God gives us is to prepare them for heaven. The most valuable thing taught in our school is the knowledge of our Savior. The Holy Spirit works through that knowledge and strengthens faith in the hearts of us all and it is that faith that saves us. We pray that all of the activities of this year focus on bringing us closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

     The beginning of a new school year always brings a lot of excitement to our homes and our congregation. We begin this school year with 41 students and we consider each one of them a blessing from the Lord.

     The atmosphere around the school during this first week has been very positive. There are many new smiling faces, both teachers and students alike. One of the reasons for the smiles is that we know we all share a common faith. That faith, of course, is faith that we are saved by Jesus Christ and the work that He did on our behalf. We must always remember that everything we have and everything we accomplish is through God’s grace. How wonderful to have His love surround us!

     This year, Winnebago Lutheran Academy chose the theme, “The Lord is with me.” We will also use that as our theme for this year. What a terrific reminder through every phase of our lives that our all-powerful Lord is with us!

     We pray that the Lord would bless our efforts during this school year. We also pray that He gives all of us enough success to keep us positive, but yet enough failure to keep us humble and dependent on him. To God alone be the glory!!!


     Each week a Notes & News edition like this one will be sent to you via SchoolCues. Stay current with weekly updates, reminders, and general news. If you have not registered for SchoolCues please do so. If you need assistance with that task, please talk to Mr. Buch.


     The WALL Soccer tournament will again be hosted at St. Luke’s on September 16th. We are going to need a small army of volunteers to pull it off. The PACK organizes the concession stand. This is a great way for our school to showcase itself so we need all hands on deck! A sign-up through SchoolCues will be sent out tomorrow. Please consider helping that day!


     There were a plethora of forms sent out at registration. Please be mindful to get those back as soon as possible. Immunization forms are filed by a volunteer so please don’t make Marilynn Kollmann’s job harder than it has to be. We are very thankful that she helps us!


     This year’s picture day will be September 13th. Please submit those forms by September 12th at the latest. Just Because Photography will be doing our pictures this year. Students don’t forget to bring your smiles that day!


     Mrs. Lauren Prochnow is teaching piano lessons again this year. If your child (1st – 8 th) is planning on taking lessons, please turn in your paperwork to her by Friday, September 1st. She would like to get a schedule mapped out for the students. If you need paperwork or simply have questions you can call/text her at 920-579-1690. Thanks to Mrs. Prochnow for teaching again this year. Playing piano is another awesome avenue to praise God!


     The school cleaning schedule will be posted here for the upcoming weeks. If you have never cleaned school here before, don’t hesitate to ask for help. There will be cleaning checklists in the supply room.

  • August 21-27 - Wiesner/Collien
  • August 28-September 3 - Wiesner/Collien
  • September 4-10 - Kollmann, Paul
  • September 11-17 - Bye


     We already checked our first hot lunch of the schedule. On Wednesday we had Tacos! There will be two hot lunches next week. We are off to an awesome start with hot lunches. Just a reminder to keep things peanut, tree nut, and fish free. If you would like to serve hot lunch but are unsure of how or what to do, talk to Mr. Buch or Mrs. Russ. Here are the hot lunch days next week.

  • Wednesday, August 30th – Pizza
  • Thursday, August 31st - Chicken Nuggets


     Next Friday, September 1st and Monday, September 4th there will be no school. We will celebrate a long Labor Day weekend. Enjoy the time to rest and relax! Our first early dismissal falls on September 15th. Students will be released with busing at 1:15 P.M.


     The student mission offerings for the first semester will continue to support our India Mission. We will change mission projects at semester. Mission offerings can be given every Friday. Envelopes are usually sent home on Thursday. Let’s keep growing God’s work in India!


     The first soccer practice is today! We will be combining with Brownsville and Waucousta again this year. The St. Luke’s A/B team practices from 3:30 – 5:00 P.M. The first games are next week. Come check out the games on our field at St. Luke’s!

  • August 29th @ St. Luke’s vs. Grace - 4:00 – B Team, 5:00 A Team
  • August 30th @ St. Luke’s vs. Redeemer – 4:00 A/B


     Because we have a number of students that have peanut, tree nut, and fish allergies, St. Luke’s will be going completely free of those three things. Please keep a close eye on things that say may contain on the labels of those foods. Some of these allergies are severe enough that coming into contact with someone who has come into contact with nuts can set off the allergy and need to use an EpiPen. Kelly Hagner left a great list and packet for anyone interested about food allergies.

3K – 4K Notes from Mrs. Russ

     We had a wonderful first week in preschool. Our Bible History story was all about Jesus and the little children. Jesus told his disciples that all little children should come to Him! We pulled out the scissors again to make our own name tags that remind us that Jesus loves us! Next week we will start our study of the Old Testament by learning about Creation. These 14 little ones were very busy exploring the new classroom. “Froggy Goes to School” was our first day read aloud. We read “Mouse’s First Day”, “Llama Llama Misses Mama” and “Rainbow Fish” which were about going to school and all the new feelings that come along with that big change. I hope that you and your children are able to use some of the emotion materials that they brought home on Wednesday. These picture cues can help children to express their feelings by pointing to the correct emotion. (This activity got us working with scissors on day 2! Next week, we will continue learning the routine and schedule. Each day we are adding a small new part to the daily routine. Towards the end of the week, we will add morning meeting and also a chore chart. Callaway will provide snack for us on Monday and Wednesday. (Don’t forget to send a little extra snack on Tuesday and Thursday.) This year, in an effort to keep the kids from sharing germs, they must have their own naptime blanket/pillow each day. I will be sending the blankets home each Friday so you can have a chance to throw it in the washer. Please make sure that it comes back on Monday. Thanks! I hope you all have a restful weekend!

Kindergarten – 2 nd Grade Notes from Ms. Hankemeier

     Hello parents and followers of St. Luke’s!  First off, I just want to say thank you for all you have done to make me feel welcome and at home here. I feel so supported and your passion for a quality Christian education is top notch!

     This week we have begun getting into some routines and learning the lay of the land. We love learning and we are so receptive to new ideas. We are beginning our unit study of the body. We will be learning about a piece of the body including its location and purpose each day for the next few weeks. It is my prayer that each child will see how fearfully and wonderfully God has made them.

Things to remember:

      1. Our first “show and tell” will be on Friday.

      2. Please pack 2 snacks apart from the healthy lunch for us to enjoy in the                     morning and afternoon, even if there is hot lunch.

      3.Our first Bible verse/s will be shared on Thursday, August 31st.

          a. K & 1st - Psalm 139:14 - “I praise you because I am fearfully and                                 wonderfully made.”

          b. 1 st & 2nd - Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of                  God.”

          c. 2 nd only - John 3:16 - “For God so loved the world that he gave his one                      and only Son, that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have                        eternal life.”

     4. Second grade will have their first spelling test on Wednesday, August 30th.

          a. Sad, dig, jam, glad, list, win, flat, if, fix, rip, kit, mask, as, his

          b. Challenge: sandwich, picnic

3 rd & 4th Grade Notes from Mrs. Balfour

     The first week in the 3-4 grade classroom has been a success! While we haven't gotten to many big topics or ideas in our curriculum, we have learned about God's word. We are studying the Old Testament during this school year. Our first bible lessons focus on creation. The beginning of the school year is a wonderful time to learn about creation. As the pinnacle of God's creation, we are created in His image, each with unique gifts. It is my prayer that this year, each student, as well as myself, uses our unique gifts to serve our Savior!

     During our time in the morning we have also been learning about classroom procedure, expectations, and some general “get to know you” activities.

     Because it was a short week, we have no spelling test or hymn for Friday. A schedule of memory work went home with your child on Wednesday. A reminder that memory work is due on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I will put the memory work in School Cues as well.

     As always, I invite parents to contact me if there are any questions. I feel honored to work with your children and am excited for this school year!

3 rd – 8 th Grade Notes from Mr. Buch

     We are off and running, well… maybe walking. We have been taking our time getting into the routine this year. There are lots of moving parts and new adventures in this school year. I hope to see the “big kid” leadership continue for all of our younger students. The upper graders have a standard to keep that past St. Luke’s classes have held very high.

     I am pleased with the first week of school effort. Sometimes it is hard to recover from a long summer. Students recall was great on some rusty topics. I hope this level of energy continues through the year. I have been wearing sunglasses this week because the students have been so bright!

     Here is my bad back to school joke:

          Student: Teacher, would you punish me for something I didn’t do?

          Teacher: Of course not.

          Student: Good, because I didn’t do my homework.


As Christians we should be good citizens. We should take pride in our country, state, city, as well as our school. We should all be careful to clean up any scraps of paper or garbage that we see lying around the building or playground. When we keep the building clean, including the bathrooms, we show respect for our school and it helps others in their work. Please do your part to show that you are a responsible citizen of this school by the honor and respect that you show for the property that you are using. In the end, we must follow the commands of our God and He instructs us to be good managers of the things he has given to us. As Christians, we can do nothing less.