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May 24, 2018



John 14:25-27

The words of a loved one can cause anxiety. Let’s say someone close to you says something like, “I am leaving soon. I am going to suffer, and I am going to die. Here are some specific things I want you to do.” Do you think you might have a little anxiety?

Jesus said those things to his disciples. He told them he was leaving. He told them he was going to suffer and die. And he told them that they would have a very specific job, repeating the things that he had told them. The disciples had anxiety; their hearts were troubled.

But Jesus did not just cause anxiety. He also relieved it. He told the disciples that after he was gone, the Holy Spirit would prompt them to remember what he told them—with no mistakes. After the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, the disciples would be able to preach and teach and write the New Testament of the Bible confidently, knowing that the Holy Spirit was making sure that every word was correct.

Jesus also relieved anxiety by telling his disciples that his suffering and death would bring peace and confidence. He would not remain dead. He would rise from the dead, proving that everything he said was true, and showing that God continues to be in charge of this world.

God’s love for you in Christ Jesus gives you peace and takes away fear. You can also speak words that take away anxiety for your loved ones. Because of the peace you have in Jesus, you are able to speak words of forgiveness to them. Because you know that the Bible is true, you can speak the truth to them in love.

When your heart is troubled, when you feel anxious, Jesus promises you peace.


            We have reached the end of another school year.  Many changes are in the works at St. Luke’s.  Our Early Childhood classroom will be undergoing a renovation and expansion.  We will have at least 22 students in the Early Childhood Program next year at St. Luke’s.  We are excited to see the results of that project!

            St. Luke’s will also be saying goodbye to Mrs. Alysa Balfour.  It has been such a blessing to have her at our school this year.  She has brought wonderful ideas and creativity that truly enhanced the student experience at St. Luke’s. 

            St. Luke’s will (hopefully) be undergoing security updates this summer.  Mrs. Seyfert has been helping take St. Luke’s through the Department of Justice grant writing process.  We are shooting for new FAB keyless entry system with video intercom doorbell systems and security lighting.  Pray for success in this endeavor!

            This year our closing enrollment is 42 students.  We will be welcoming over a number of students from St. Paul’s in Brownsville.  While it is difficult for them to close the doors, we welcome the blessing and challenge of new students.  Next year our projected enrollment is between 62-68 students.  With that much growth, comes changes in staffing.  We will be adding a teacher’s aide position in the Early Childhood classroom.  We are also exploring options of turning our part time 3rd and 4th grade position into a full time position.  While we do not know the timeline on that part of our expansion, it is an exciting conversation to have.


            This year we have three eighth grade graduates.  They have grown tremendously at St. Luke’s and will be wonderful blessings however God decides to use them later in life.  They were asked some questions about St. Luke’s and their future.  Here’s what they had to say:

Kyle Kollmann

  • How long have you been at St. Luke's?
    • 9 years
  • What is your favorite St. Luke's memory?
    • My favorite memory has two parts. Yes, I did play basketball for one year. I was never that good at it, but I did try. I found out I happened to be lacking one very important skill. Passing. On the LUNCH TABLE, or not, this skill never came with me. This may be the case, or else Lyndon is a very bad receiver. In the second part of the story, I also realized something quite extraordinary. Did you know that Heinz Ketchup could fly. I did. It was amazing. One second it happened to be on the table, the next, it was flying through the air. Try it sometime, you might be amazed.
  • What is your dream job? (If you had to decide right now?)
    • My dream job? Well, if I had to say... I would probably want to take up a career in Architectural Salvage. Tear down old buildings and get the guts inside!
  • Give some advice to younger St. Luke's students about how to succeed at St. Luke's.
    • Look on the bright side of life! Don't worry. Be happy. God's got you. Make every day a good one for yourself, and for others. Last but not least, STUDY! It really does make life a lot easier.

Lyndon O’Brien

  • How long have you been at St. Luke's?
    • 9 years
  • What is your favorite St. Luke's memory?
    • Laughing with your friends to the point where you can’t breath about something that isn't even funny!
    • Bringing the deer that I shot to school so I could be a showoff to all my friends and brag about how I shot the biggest buck. Yeah, that is right Owen, mine was bigger. Not by a lot, but it was still bigger.
  • What is your dream job? (If you had to decide right now?)
    • Farmer {you’re probably thinking why would you be a farmer when you can have any job in the world, well because I can!}
  • Give some advice to younger St. Luke's students about how to succeed at St. Luke's.
    • Beggars can’t be choosers, deal with what you have and make it work.
    • Try to make friends, it makes life much easier.

Mara Trewin

  • How long have you been at St. Luke's?
    • 9 years
  • What is your favorite St. Luke's memory?
    • In Mrs. T’s room Kyle, Lyndon, and I built a big snow couch and we could fit our whole class on it.
  • What is your dream job? (If you had to decide right now?)
    • Being a vet
  • Give some advice to younger St. Luke's students about how to succeed at St. Luke's.
    • Be kind to everyone in the school. You will have a great bond between the other students and teachers. Tests are very hard in the upper grade class. Make sure you study 10 to 15 minutes every night. Trust me, you will do great on your tests if you do this.



Please mark your calendars for July 23rd -26th for Vacation Bible School.  We will need MANY, MANY volunteers to help before, during, and after this week.  If you are willing to help, please contact Laura Russ at

             Thank you to those who cleaned school this year.  While we understand it is a sacrifice of your time, those same sacrifices are what have kept St. Luke’s Lutheran School open since 1975.  Thank you!!!


  • May 24th – St. Luke’s Olympics
  • May 24th – Last Day of School
  • May 24th – Graduation Service – 6:00 P.M.
  • PACK/Registration meeting – 6:00 P.M.


            Thanks to all our hot lunch servers this year.  St. Luke’s is so blessed to have volunteers willing to serve hot lunch.  If anyone wants to return their hot lunch tickets for cash, please talk to Mr. Buch.  Otherwise, save them until next year!

3K – 4K Notes from Mrs. Russ

            This week in Bible History we learned about a brave man named Job.  Job had some terrible things happen to him, one right after another.  We talked about some terrible things that have happened to us.  Just like Job, prayer is a great way to handle any difficulty that comes our way.  The second day we focused on all of the blessings that Job received after his times of trouble were over.  The children were able to list so many blessings. It was amazing!  I pray that you are able to read Bible stories and have devotions with your children over the summer.  They will impress you with everything they know about God and His promises. 

            We certainly had a very full last week of school.  Tuesday we took our last trip to see Ms. Lori at the library.  Don’t forget to sign up for the summer reading program this June.  Prizes involve ice cream!  On Wednesday, we took a trip to Festival, McDonalds, and Lakeside Park.   We got to see HOW things happen behind the scenes at these businesses.  Everyone did a great job of listening and I thank all of the adults who were able to come and chaperone.  Check out FB for some cool pictures.  Thursday was packed full of Olympic fun!  Such a great day of bonding with all of our Christian big brothers and sisters.

            Finally, I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to my wonderful little class.  I am so blessed that you have entrusted your little ones to me this year.   They have been eager to learn and try different experiences that may seem a little strange or scary.  More importantly, they have made their Bible stories their most important lessons every day.   I also want to say thank-you to my classroom helpers for all of their support each and every week.  Please keep our school, students, and teachers in your prayers this summer.

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Notes from Ms. Hankemeier

Happy last K-2 update for this school year! Thank you to all of you for making this such a great year with your encouragements and prayers! God kept us safe and eager to learn all year long.

Even though our classes started winding down, our study of God’s Word did not. We studied how God allowed his people to be captured by enemies and how he brought them safely home. The challenges the people faced helped bring them back to God. We recognized that sometimes God also allows challenges to come into our lives to keep us close to him as well as in the case of Job. He was able to praise God even though he lost everything because he still had faith.

The track meet on Friday was a huge success! It was so fun to see our kids interact with fellow Christians. They all tried so hard and they brought home many ribbons. Way to go, Eagles!

Parents, please don’t forget to complete the survey I sent out. I am appreciating the feedback so far! I am excited to implement your suggestions as able and to reset for next year! Thank you for your involvement! Education is a team approach.

Our final discussion of the year revolved around fathers. Our class is so blessed to have fathers who care about all of their children’s needs. Your zeal for Christian education and your love of your children is astounding! Enjoy your little gifts.

Our final project of the year was planting our garden. Feel free to check it out in the orchard. We will be tending it on our Wednesdays together. Feel free to also tend to it when you’re around this summer - especially on softball Sundays.

I am looking forward to our “Fun in the Sun” program. We will certainly enjoy our fellowship and keeping our skills fresh. Most importantly it will be another way to “Stay Connected to Jesus.” We will gather on some Wednesday’s this summer to hear a Bible story, review reading and math, tend our garden, and play water games.

Thank you for embracing me with open arms and doing all you could to make me feel at home among you! I am so sad to see this year end, but am looking forward to learning with your children this summer along with planning for a fresh, new year! May God be with you till we meet again!

3rd & 4th Grade Notes from Mrs. Balfour

For the last week of school we had a very fitting Christ Light theme. We learned that God is in control of all things and that he will carry them out in his way and on his timeline. As we head into summer vacation and have a break from school, we should be reminded that God is in control of our lives. Whether we face struggles or great things this summer, we can trust that our Creator is taking care of it all. 

We finished our Who Was novels this week. Each student had a different historical figure to read about and then create a report about their life. Students did a nice job. 

I want to thank all of my students and their families. Teaching at St. Luke's this year has been such a blessings to me. The boys are all great and each bring something different and wonderful to the classroom dynamic. It would not be possible to have a successful classroom without parents who are supporting our efforts. So thank you parents who helped with homework, helped chaperone for trips, or even prayed for me and the children this year. I hope to see you all at church this summer and I hope you all have a blessed and safe summer vacation! 

3rd – 8th Grade Notes from Mr. Buch

            We wrapped up our school year with a fun field trip to TNT Adventure Obstacle Course.  The students had a fun time bonding over the different activities and obstacles.  Check out the St. Luke’s Facebook Group for some fun photos of the crew!

            An encouragement to all students over the summer would be to dive into a good book or book series.  Reading is extremely important for language and vocabulary improvements.  Make sure this summer doesn’t happen without time spent reading!

            This was a special group of students to have in the classroom and was very enjoyable to be around.  We will definitely miss our 8th grade students next year.  Thanks Mara, Lyndon, and Kyle for showing the younger students how to do things the right way.  It was a blessed year.  Have a wonderful summer!

            Why was the teacher wearing sunglasses on the last day of school…? He had bright students!