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St. Luke's Lutheran Church and School exist to provide high level Christian education to future leaders in the community and has been teaching God's Word since 1975


April 12, 2018



Acts 3:12-20

When the chocolate bunnies, Peeps, and jelly beans start filling the grocery store shelves, you know Easter is near. But very quickly after Easter, all that candy goes on clearance. Thirty, then fifty, and finally seventy-five percent off sales help stores liquidate seasonal merchandise.

Does your Easter joy ever feel like Easter candy at the local grocery store? Less than a week after Easter Sunday, does it feel like you’re coming down from a spiritual sugar rush?  It is a struggle we are all too familiar with. This is why the Book of Acts is so vital for us. When we met men like Peter and the other disciples in the gospel accounts, often we saw them at their worst. They were frequently frightened and confused. Even when they were bold, they often headed off in the wrong direction. But seeing the risen Lord changed them.

In Acts chapter 3, Peter and John were on their way to the Temple to pray. They saw a lame beggar and gave him something far greater than what he was asking for—they healed him in the name of Jesus. Instantly, the man’s legs became strong. After a lifetime of immobility, he was now jumping for joy and praising God.

Of course, many people had questions about this healing. Peter told them all that he had not healed this man by his own power. God had done this marvelous thing. God’s power had raised this man up.  The power of God is unlike any other. It makes barren women sing for joy as it did for Sarah, Rebekah, and Hannah. It stopped the flowing waters of the Red Sea, so the children of Israel could cross safely on dry land. The power of God is his Word. He speaks and then he does. He promises and then he fulfills.

This is what he did when he sent his Son. The power of God made his dwelling among us.The power of God humbled himself in becoming flesh and blood. The power of God rejected temptation and chose the path of righteousness. The power of God died and was buried in weakness. The power of God rose triumphantly from the grave. Jesus is the power of God.

Just like that lame man, you need God’s power to heal you. In his mercy, God has healed you from the sin that incapacitates. God’s Son has wiped out all your guilt and shame. The sin that haunts you has been replaced with the refreshing good news of Christ. The debt of your sins has been settled. Easter has lasting joy for you, because it is God’s power at work in your life.


            It was announced various times in church over the past few weeks but Mr. Buch has received a call to teach at Wisconsin Lutheran High School in Milwaukee and also be the varsity girls’ basketball coach.  A divine call always serves as an opportunity to assess the ministry of the current call as well as the new call.  It is a time to consider, through prayerful thought, where the Lord might best be served.


            There have not been any scheduled talent show auditions on Friday afternoon after school.  Students should have all their audition materials at school tomorrow.  One session of auditions will be from 10:30 – 11:30 A.M.  The afternoon session will begin at 2:00 P.M.  The final list will be produced on Monday, April 16th.  This is a great opportunity to show our God-given talents, but it is also a great chance for our students to learn.  There may be auditions that do not make the final show.  This is not an opportunity for students to sulk, pout, or act in an un-Christian manner.  This a chance to learn that sometimes, even when we try our hardest, things don’t work out how we plan.  The lesson for our students to take away is how to respond to adversity!


            In addition to the talent show, students are invited to showcase their artistic skills on April 27th.  We will have an art walk set up in the building where students can display their various artistic talents God has blessed them with.  All art projects need to be at school by Thursday, April 26th.


            Two weeks ago an envelope went home to each family with enrollment forms for next year.  Please enter the information and send those back as soon as possible.  Also included was a calendar for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you have questions, please contact Mr. Buch.  Thank you.


The WLA Band Program is looking for a part time instructor for the Grade School Band Porgam.  Duties include teaching lessons during the school day at our WLA Schools and assisting with group band rehearsals.  A complete job description can be found at or by contacting our band director Kevin Ehlke.  Email: - Phone: 920-539-4041


Thank you to all parents and students who made the forensics meet last night a huge success! Students worked so hard and did their very best. It was something new for all of them, but they did great! Congratulations to all participants who placed at the meet. Lyndon O'Brien received a first place ribbon and a medal for being the runner-up for best in room. Mara Trewin, Kyle Kollmann, Kolby Trewin, and Noah Kollmann received second place ribbons for their efforts. Nicholas Russ received a third place ribbon for his story-telling. I can't wait to see how all the students do next week Tuesday at the WLA meet. 


            Remember that SCRIP is available to be taken to WLA.  SCRIP is a way to order gift cards for things you use every day.  The SCRIP program can start helping you earn tuition dollars at WLA.  It is a benefit to both you and WLA.  If you have questions about the SCRIP program, talk to Mrs. Russ. 

            The school cleaning schedule will be posted here for the upcoming weeks.  If you have never cleaned St. Luke’s before, don’t hesitate to ask for help.  There will be cleaning checklists in the supply room. 

  • Apr 9-15 – Schaefer
  • Apr 16-22 – Roberts     
  • Apr 22-29 – Gym & Commons – Geisthardt
  • Apr 22-29 – School – Geisthardt


  • Apr 13th – Musical Auditions
  • Apr 20th – Early Release (1:15 P.M.)
  • Apr 27th – Talent Show
  • May 4th – Early Release


            This week was a great week with three hot lunches!  Tomorrow will be chicken with marinara sauce.  April 16th will be Subway Sub Sandwiches and April 24th will be Pigs in a Blanket and Soup.  The signup sheet is in the narthex!  This hot lunch report brought to you by Lyndon O’Brien.


  • Wizard of Oz actors wanted for Summer Theatre Workshop & Performance
  • Outdoor Adventures
    • April 19th @ 6:00 P.M. in the Oakfield Community Room
    • Liz Roy shares fun facts about local wildlife areas
  • Belle Reynolds School Forest Tour
    • April 20th @ 1:45 P.M.
    • Meet at the water tower

3K – 4K Notes from Mrs. Russ

This week in Bible History we continued our stories about David’s family.  His son, Solomon, asked for wisdom and God blessed his life.  We decorated some temples and crowns so we could remember the time in Solomon’s life when he followed the Lord.  Unfortunately, Solomon was a sinner just like the rest of us.  He managed to disobey God’s laws in many ways, which also led the people of Israel into sin.  The children decorated offering envelopes so that they could bring their offerings to school this week.  Please send these back on Friday or next week if you are able. 

Our unit this week focused on big changes that happen when you grow up.   “Waiting for Wings” is a Lois Ehlert book with wonderful illustrations that show the life cycle of a butterfly.  In math we learned about symmetry.  What do butterflies have to do with symmetry?  Ask a pre K kiddo.  They will know!  We now have beautiful butterflies “flying” in our classroom.   Our tall tale was “The Ant and the Chrysalis.”  The ant was bragging about how he could go anywhere and the chrysalis could not.  Boy did that butterfly have the last laugh.  The children created a life cycle science project out of noodles.  We have been working on our two acts for the talent show so that has taken up a bit of our extra time. I would like to have all the costumes here by Wednesday, April 18th.  We will run through our skit as a group on that day and again on Wednesday, April 25th.  If you have any questions please let me know.

Our letter friend was Edna Elephant.  I hope that you got your envelopes that were full of letters.  Even St. Luke’s has something that starts with E in the gym.  Hmmmmmm…Wonder what it is?   Our letter for next week is D for Dudley Duck.  If you would like to bring in a “d” item next week please do so. A big thanks to Harlee for our snack this week.  Rilynn will bring our snack next week.   Please be aware that the rescheduled “ECE and Kindergarten Round Up” is next week.  If you have a ECE or a kindergarten child ready for the 2018-2019 school year, please come and meet your teachers and have a little bit of fun in your classroom.

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Notes from Ms. Hankemeier

He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!! We were so happy to return to school and join in singing God’s praises once again. Alleluia has such a lovely ring to it when you ponder why we are able to shout and sing!

We started this week energized and ready to learn. This was great since we have delved into some big topics. First grade began borrowing this week in math. It took a little bit of coaching, convincing, and tactile play, but I think we’ve got it! Second grade began learning to write in cursive. We feel very fancy and grown up! Kindergarten has been working on differentiating words with “k” and “qu.”

Our theme of the week has been two-fold. Some of us were blessed with Tomagotchi’s in our Easter baskets. Our teacher even found hers from 22 years ago  (in the olden days I was told)  and it still works! The second theme has been playing hide and seek. It’s amazing how many kids can fit under my desk….

We began practicing our Superkids song with props and a few costumes this week and our book read aloud is morphing into a little skit. We didn’t know we could memorize a whole book!! I can’t wait to see our other talents during auditions on Friday. :) 

3rd & 4th Grade Notes from Mrs. Balfour

This week in Christ Light, students have learned about leaders having both positive and negative influences on their people. Solomon started out strong by worshiping the true God and asking for the gift of wisdom so that he could successfully rule. His mistake was beginning to worship the gods of his wives and then leading the people of Israel to do the same. This had lasting consequences for both Solomon and the people of Israel. We know that our leaders are appointed by God and that they deserve our respect. It is our prayer that God would guide those leaders to make wise choices that are pleasing to Him. 

In Language Arts this week we have started a new novel called, Frindle. In our novel, the main character, Nick, gets an idea to change the word pen to frindle. Students are learning about how words get their start and how Nick will deal with the repercussions of his experiment in word making.  Students are also continuing to work on their forensics pieces. With the meet at WLA coming up next week, be sure to ask your child to perform their piece each night!

We are beginning to work hard on our entrepreneurial plans for Lemonade Day. Lemonade Day will take place on Saturday, May 5, from 10:00-2:00. All 3/4th graders are expected to participate as part of the Social Studies curriculum. More details will be coming home as the date approaches. We have decided on our location, which will be just outside of the Children's Museum in Fond du Lac. I think it will be a great location, hopefully we get lots of business! 

3rd – 8th Grade Notes from Mr. Buch

            Tomorrow is the big day.  Students have been building spaghetti bridges for the last two weeks.  They studied different types of bridges and tried to discover which bridge style would work best.  Tomorrow we test the bridges by strength and strength to bridge weight ratio.  It is always an exciting day to discover the best spaghetti engineers in the classroom!

            The 8th grade history class has been studying a difficult and very topical section of the American past.  We are approaching the American Civil War.  One of the main discussion points at this time in history is slavery.  It is important to study the past, even when it is not pretty, or downright ugly.  What a blessing that our students get to study difficult topics through the scope of God’s Word!

The 5th – 8th grade students participated in forensics on Wednesday night and it was a really cool night for St. Luke’s.  None of our students had competed in a forensics event before yet they did their God given best.  What was even more exciting was how all of our students went room to room watching their fellow students perform.  Awesome to see the support of our students by our students.  This joke isn’t my own but I do love Seinfeld. “According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.” -Jerry Seinfeld

The St. Luke’s Bracket Challenge is completed.  Congrats to our winner Mr. James Suprenand.  He picked Villanova to win it all!  Here are the final standings.  Better luck to most of you next year.