Women's Ministries





Jars of Clay Ministry exist to build up the body of Christ among women at St. Luke's by filling each other up with the Gospel, enabling us to pour out our lives in service to the Lord, our families, our congregation, the community, and the world.





Dianne Bilitz- dkbilitz@hotmail.com

SOS(Strengthen our Sisterhood) is a Monthly bible study open to all ladies. Many ladies have opened their homes so all ladies can study the bible with several time options.

End of the year SOS is hosted by the Sisters in Christ to which we wrap up the monthly bible study with a potluck dinner.

Shut-ins is visiting members who cannot make it to church on a monthly basis.

Advent by Candlelight is held the first or second Sunday in December. Where all ladies come and prepare their hearts and minds for the true meaning of Christmas.


Lutheran Women's Ministry Society is a group that was started over 50 years ago so women in our local churches and Wisconsin Synod could support world and home missionaries with our prayers and monetary offerings


Karen Indermuehl- inderoak@charter.net

Sharon kollman- kollman@charter.net

Flower Team everyone is welcome to place flowers on the altar. There is a sign up booklet in the narthex.

New Mothers is women volunteering to make and take meals to new mothers and her family.

Altar Team are volunteers who take care of filling communion cups and to layout them out on altar for church services.

Lenten Soup Supper are volunteers who provide lunch each Wednesday during Lent. Volunteers select their own menu and 5-6 helpers to serve the meal and to help with cleanup after.

Easter Breakfast is served after the sunrise service. Breakfast meals consists of casseroles, fruit, cakes, and other breakfast dishes.

Funeral Lucheons are served either hot or cold depends on what the family wants. Some are catered and some are St. Luke's volunteers who provide the food.


Laura Roehl- lmroehl@gmail.com

Spring Blast this group of volunteers provide the childcare during this event. There are games, art projects, and other fun activities.

Over 80 dinner happens twice a year, where a dinner is provided for any member who are over 80. There's fellowship, games with prizes and even the grade school children come and sing.

GALS(God always Loves) is any St. Luke lady who wants to open there home to share Gods love by having a group activity. Like crafts, favorite book, cookie exchange, the options are endless.

New Members Welcome is held twice a year. We welcome new members if they would like, by serving a beverage with a snack after church service.